In Transit: Route 5 (Springbank)

In Transit

Bus: Route 5 Springbank (Westbound)

Time: 7:07 pm

Starting Point: Dundas & Richmond

Song: Rise, Eddie Vedder

in-transit-aug-2.jpgIn Transit Au.2 pg.2In Transit Aug.2 pg.3



Aug. 2

the trip has begun. here I am again. on another bus. on another page. here to write. here to document the journey. here in transit. on the page. here to write something of substance. the bus is half full. the front half. I am way back here. the back corner, looking out the window…I am conscious that you are reading this. I am conscious that this is ok. I know how to write. I can write and write and write. I’m hoping eventually all the good words will come out. on this bus. in transit. at some point. this is a journey and I have begun. I have one hour on this bus. to write. he we head out to Byron and then circle back downtown. haha. some guy just walked back here only to open the window, leaving my hair now blowing in the wind, in my face, as I write, and he is back in his seat at the front of the bus. thanks? I took a video. I don’t know if I’ve ever been on this bus before…I may have cleaned houses back in here too. Berkshire Dr. Nah. a lot of those houses were in the west end though. I am here. on this bus. on this page. the song, Eddie Vedder, just began again. one song. over and over just like the wheels on the bus. the route along which we drive. over and over day after day. but I am new here. I am new and so to is the view. my hair is really

blowing now! we’re driving along springbank now. I took this bus because I wanted to look at green things out the window. parks and trees. the last trip was all concrete and buildings. I want nature. I can smell the green now, coming through that open window. thanks! Springbank park. so beautiful. I’ve come here walking many times. I want to keep my head down and my pen on the page. sometimes, like now, this scares me. what if I write something I don’t want you to know. what if the thoughts come out silly and self-absorbed. mundane, easily dismissed. I want to write something of substance. I do. I want to write something beyond myself. bigger than my tiny thoughts. the pen has the power to do that. it makes us bigger than we are in real life. on the page. i can be bigger than this bus. i can fly up and over it while we pitstop here outside the library! the library! i love the library. shout out to my library system here in London – you provide me with so much – space, computers, programs, knowledge, stories, community…I applied to work at that Waldo’s right there. They had just hired someone else. Tough loss. though loss. losing jobs. I’ve lost a few. in transit. one day I’ll find my way to right where I’m supposed to be. we’re on the move again. 7:32pm. There is only two of us left on the bus. a slow night. ok. and now I am alone. yes. I take pauses in writing. allow myself to stare out the window and dream. allow myself to take a picture or two. to capture the experience. to capture and document. I am trying. you have to begin somewhere right. well I am starting right here with what

I’ve got. the words I’ve got. the means of transportation I’ve got. the eyes I’ve got. the heart I’ve got. the hands I’ve got. the feet I’ve got. the money I’ve got. one day. if i keep going, things will keep growing. that’s how it works. g keep going. keep growing. art is no different. my hair is all over the place. two companions now, both sitting back here with me. and there is Springbank park again. I’ll take a picture. 7:43pm. I love green things. I want to live in a forest. with a pond or a lake nearby. I like waves, so maybe a lake. but definitely a forest. give me trees. dude. the car beside us is blasting thier music and it’s clashing with these this lovely guitar pickin’ in my ear. there. he’s gone. much better. Back on Berkshire. I’m happy to be here. to be trying. to be going somewhere. to be doing something. with my life. with my writing. with my head and my heart and my pen in my hand. I am happy to be here. riding around for no reason and writing for no reason too. just to do it. to be it. this woman. writing and riding and knowing she’s making something of it. I’m wearing a blue skirt and a white top. my hair is freshly washed and hanging down. my eyes are blue. my shoes have stripes. the guy in front of my is wearing a red baseball hat. It’s got some kind of logo on it. I think it’s for a sports team. the expos? did you know there is a trailer park on Springbank!? I didn’t. we’re passing another field of green. 7:53pm.


this trip is almost over. I won’t be able to fill this page. It will go undone until I write again. tomorrow. tomorrow. and always tomorrow. I want to take one last picture. we need to stop for a second. ok. that’s it. we’re almost. there. I’m gonna hop right back on another bus and…the bus driver just came to sit beside me and asked me what my project was about! HAHA! Perfect. thank you. thank you bus driver. thank you London Transit. thank you fellow passengers. thank you trees. my goodness. good night. I love you. you are beautiful.

Time: 8:00pm.



Allyson’s Note: three videos were taken along this journey, they are not included here however, due to my WordPress account (videos cost extra). You can follow me on Instagram (@leftysmudges), I’ll get them up there, in some form, soon enough.



someone to be thankful for – a gratitude project

You know how they always say we shouldn’t just celebrate Love on Valentine’s Day, or our Mothers on Mother’s Day? You know how they always say that expressing gratitude is important? Oprah said it a lot. Well, I took all of those things they kept saying to heart two years ago, and decided I would dedicate the month of October, each year, to not just say thank you, but to express gratitude. I intended to extend the sentiment into an action, a holiday weekend into a practice.


For the past two years I have written a thank you note, everyday, for 31 days, and handed it to someone. It was personal, and intimate, and fruitful, each year (all those things they say about expressing gratitude is true). This year, taking all the goodness that surrounds this project, I wanted to change things up a bit –– I wanted to dedicate time to the process with which the cards/notes were made, and I wanted to extend this expression of gratitude beyond my own personal experience.

This year, Lefty Smudges’ Gratitude Project will involve 31 sponsors/recipients (representing each day in October), a 2-week residency in Bayfield (to host a workshop, and gain inspiration), 4 letter-writing workshops (writing to humanitarian aid organizations), and a chance for us all to acknowledge ‘someone to be thankful for’.


  • 31 generous individuals (which could include you), will contribute $60 each, to fund the project.
  • With this contribution, each one of the sponsors will receive 1, of the 31, Lefty Smudges Gratitude Project 2015 cards in the mail.gratitude cards 1
  • Four letter-writing workshops will be offered during the month of October. These workshops will be free to the public (the supporters having provided the funds to cover all materials, including postage), and will be addressed to international humanitarian aid organizations helping Syrian refugees, thanking them for the work they are doing. I have been greatly impacted by what is happening to our fellow human beings around the globe, and I feel the need to thank those who are making a (positive) impact –– to acknowledge those doing the (good) work.gratitude workshops 1
  • Each aspect of this project will be documented, and then shared with each supporter (as a record of what they helped accomplish), and via social media (as a way to inspire others, to express gratitude in creative ways this October).

If you are interested in supporting this project, or if you have any questions, please email me at, To support the project directly, you can go to my etsy shop, To follow along, join me on Facebook (Lefty Smudges), and on Twitter (@leftysmudges).

Let’s take time this October, to be thankful, to those we can be thankful for. Join me.

Love, Smudge