Where I have been.

img_9950.jpgThis will be my first blog post in some time, and not the only one I will be doing in the next couple of weeks…we need to catch up!

The last time I wrote I told you about the residency I had been awarded in Nova Scotia, with Great Island Arts. And about my acceptance into art school at Yukon SOVA. Well, I didn’t make it to the Yukon for school (the funding and support I needed didn’t come through, and in the end I don’t think that was the right thing for me at this time – that’s a far away place to go from anyone I know, and anything I know). But I did make it to the residency! (and set about a much needed fundamental shift in my life and art practice). I am including some pictures from my experience below (including captions) so you can see some of what that looked like.

As for what I did during my residency, well, that was all sent to the participants of Alone, together. I wrote to each of them and told them everything. I took two disposable cameras and am making books (with the good ones), to send to each of them. The documentation is inside the envelope.

My next post will update you on what has happened since coming back from out East. What happened after I deferred my acceptance and found myself back in London, without family to call, without a home of my own, and without a clue as to what I would do next – feeling changed… Stay tuned. ❤

This is Great Island. This land is Mi’kmaq territory. The island is covered in Spruce. This is the view of the island from the outboard motor boat we took to visit our neighbours, dozens of Seals just to the south of us.
This is me, exploring the shore. (And all that yellow, is all the pollen from the spruce trees).
This is the studio space I was given, and what it looked like when I was working. (Note: wall installation of ‘Alone, together’ correspondence I have received in response to my letters).
This is me, in the moments just after breaking the studio apart, and packing it up. Time to go. (Note: I’m holding all the letter packages ready to be mailed once we get to the mainland).
Back on the mainland, on the south shore of Kjipuktuk (Halifax). Blue and green, in all directions.
I made a friend in Halifax, and we met outside this book store to share strawberries before heading to a full moon bonfire at Herring Cove.