(What I think happened). Onward.

ledge1.jpg‘Human relationship moves at the speed of trust. Social change moves at the speed of human relationship.’ – The People’s Supper

Alone, Together moves at the speed of a letter. -Me

I need to address the individuals of Alone, Together.

It has been some time since I wrote any of you. Hindsight has provided me with some insight, and this is what I think happened:

I have a tendency to disrupt and pull the rug out from under me whenever I receive goodness. So many of you came forward to support me, and while I disguised it as adventure, the decision to move my life to the Yukon for school was disruption and running away none the less.

It didn’t work. And I found myself with a heap of broken bits, and a life barely there on my return from Nova Scotia.

I was deeply vulnerable these past four months; so vulnerable, that to expose myself further was not possible. I stopped writing.

I don’t have to apologize for doing what I had to do these last few months, to pieces those broken bits back together into a new life for myself. It has been hard work, and I showed up every single day, to each therapy session, and appointment; I’ve sat with my grief and my fear, and I let myself cry.

I do apologize however, if in any way, I have broken your trust. I’m sorry.bfhb9706-e1574621330513.jpg

But now let me say that Alone, Together is a full, round thing, and no longer confined to 2019. With the last person having signed up just weeks ago, it is now an ongoing yearly subscription, so that the date you signed up is the date of when your year begins.

I am also closing off the project to new participants for the time being. My intention for ‘Year Two’, is to nurture and deepen the trust and communication I have with each one of you, the current participants. I have a few good ideas, and a stable home from which to carry them out now.

Alone, Together will be sustainable. I will honestly communicate my ability as a human woman and artist. I will ask questions. I will continue to do the work.

Thank you for being here with me. Thank you for your understanding, and continued support. Alone, together, we will get there.

‘I thank the lord there’s people out there like you…I thank the lord for the people I have found.’ – Elton Johnrise1.jpg