Checking in…

Hello friends,

I have made it to Bayfield! The cottage is tiny, but cosy, and I have reorganized it into a working studio for myself. It is a fine cottage, and think I shall enjoy my time here immensely.


The man that I am renting the cottage from just happens to have worked as a photographer for CBC and is bringing me back some lights, on Friday when he returns. I am going to wait to see what he brings me to take pictures of the #dailysmudge postcards. I miss having my set up, and the ease with which to share them…

I have walked the Sawmill trail every morning (it’s very beautiful) and am looking forward to witnessing, and documenting, all the changes as the air cools and the colours come alive.



I went around town introducing myself and putting up posters for the workshop (which is tomorrow), and wouldn’t ya know it, I met Alice Monroe on my travels!! (She was having lunch at one of the restaurants). I invited her to the workshop, saying she would write a fine letter indeed. Ms. Monroe explained that she would not be in town on Thursday, but acknowledged my passion, and wished me the best of luck – so perfect.

I am, right now, at the gallery (barn) where my workshop will take place. I have come here to use the internet (as my cottage does not have a wi-fi connection), to drop off my mailbox, and to leave some cards. I do hope some good souls show up tomorrow!!




I will check in again on the weekend with more pictures, of the workshop and my time here.

Until then,

in thanks,


Gratitude begins…

I wrote this as a Facebook post two days ago, but wanted to share it here with you as well. I am in Bayfield now, and writing this using the library’s internet connection. I went for a walk this morning and am looking forward to exploring a little more each day. I’ll post pictures soon! 

Written, Saturday, Sept. 26, 2015

Tomorrow morning I set out for Bayfield, to a tiny little cottage in the woods. This cottage is one room (with a bathroom off the back), and has no internet (I’m so excited). I will be using the Library’s internet connection to post pictures while I am away, so I may only post ‘365 Days’ postcards every few days or so (if you are following the postcard series I hope you read this, because I care that you know what’s up!). I will not have my set up for lighting either, so their presentation may also be a little off. 


Tonight, I am packing up the last of my things with a very thankful heart. I am thankful for the support I have received as of late, and from whom it has arrived. I am thankful that projects like this strike a cord in people, allowing artists such as myself to dream. I am thankful for little towns like Bayfield, that quiet right down in their off season, and let nature take centre stage. I am thankful that I get to give of myself for the next 34 days, in both mind and body…and in thanks.

I’ll be in touch soon,