A Year In Postcards: An Exhibition

Dedicated followers of the #dailysmudge! It’s happening!! – an exhibition of all 365 postcards from last year’s project, 365 Days: A Year in Postcards, has been scheduled!

A Year in Postcards

I have been playing around hanging the show in my livingroom, and getting very excited! This is my first ever solo exhibit. There is so much to think about, but I am enjoying every little bit…I get to plan an evening based on my work – how amazing is that!!

If you are in London, Ontario during it’s run, make sure to check it out – and make sure to introduce yourself to me too!! ❤

p.s. I’m hanging them all from the ceiling 🙂


#getinhere for one more day.

Today is the last day of my Valentine Project 2016.

Today is the last workshop, and the last chance for you to order your Valentine online, to be sent to someone you love – through the post.

If you want to #getinhere, click here #sendlove.