High School Postcard Writing Workshop – #hashtagpostcards

May 26th, Period 5, Gr.11 English class – making #hashtagpostcards with Lefty Smudges.
These postcards were made, and will now be mailed to students, in Malawi, Africa, who are painting a mural of the world on a wall of their school. Our postcards, the ones these students and I made, will be hung at the school to represent Canada. I am proud of what these students created, and how they gave of themselves through this activity. I had a marvellous time getting to know you.
The reception of these postcards will be documented on the other side, and I will keep you updated as to what happens next.

All my love,

P.S. We only had permission to take pictures of some of the students faces…hence the picture style.DSC_3972 DSC_3977 DSC_4003 DSC_4076 DSC_4111 DSC_4116 DSC_4131 DSC_4147 DSC_4163 DSC_4167 DSC_4171 DSC_4187 DSC_4199 DSC_4203 DSC_4207 DSC_4211 DSC_4216 DSC_4227 DSC_4232 DSC_4236 DSC_4243 DSC_4247 DSC_4251 DSC_4255 DSC_4264 DSC_4271 DSC_4275 P1030556 P1030564 P1030607 P1030522_fotor P10305220_fotor P103052201234_fotor P103052201234567891011_fotor P1030574012345_fotor P103057401234567_fotor P1030510_fotor

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Allyson Proulx

Allyson Proulx is a writer, artist, and speaker. Playing Paper is the name of her social enterprise that offers abolitionist workshops, and note passing services.

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