someone to be thankful for – a gratitude project

You know how they always say we shouldn’t just celebrate Love on Valentine’s Day, or our Mothers on Mother’s Day? You know how they always say that expressing gratitude is important? Oprah said it a lot. Well, I took all of those things they kept saying to heart two years ago, and decided I would dedicate the month of October, each year, to not just say thank you, but to express gratitude. I intended to extend the sentiment into an action, a holiday weekend into a practice.


For the past two years I have written a thank you note, everyday, for 31 days, and handed it to someone. It was personal, and intimate, and fruitful, each year (all those things they say about expressing gratitude is true). This year, taking all the goodness that surrounds this project, I wanted to change things up a bit –– I wanted to dedicate time to the process with which the cards/notes were made, and I wanted to extend this expression of gratitude beyond my own personal experience.

This year, Lefty Smudges’ Gratitude Project will involve 31 sponsors/recipients (representing each day in October), a 2-week residency in Bayfield (to host a workshop, and gain inspiration), 4 letter-writing workshops (writing to humanitarian aid organizations), and a chance for us all to acknowledge ‘someone to be thankful for’.


  • 31 generous individuals (which could include you), will contribute $60 each, to fund the project.
  • With this contribution, each one of the sponsors will receive 1, of the 31, Lefty Smudges Gratitude Project 2015 cards in the mail.gratitude cards 1
  • Four letter-writing workshops will be offered during the month of October. These workshops will be free to the public (the supporters having provided the funds to cover all materials, including postage), and will be addressed to international humanitarian aid organizations helping Syrian refugees, thanking them for the work they are doing. I have been greatly impacted by what is happening to our fellow human beings around the globe, and I feel the need to thank those who are making a (positive) impact –– to acknowledge those doing the (good) work.gratitude workshops 1
  • Each aspect of this project will be documented, and then shared with each supporter (as a record of what they helped accomplish), and via social media (as a way to inspire others, to express gratitude in creative ways this October).

If you are interested in supporting this project, or if you have any questions, please email me at, To support the project directly, you can go to my etsy shop, To follow along, join me on Facebook (Lefty Smudges), and on Twitter (@leftysmudges).

Let’s take time this October, to be thankful, to those we can be thankful for. Join me.

Love, Smudge

Published by

Allyson Proulx

Allyson Proulx is a writer, artist, and speaker. Playing Paper is the name of her social enterprise that offers abolitionist workshops, and note passing services.

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