Reach out if you can help.


My name is Allyson Proulx, aka Lefty Smudges.

I am a self-taught, professional, multimedia artist and writer currently focused on generating experiences of magic and generosity alongside Deshkan Ziibi (Anishnaabemowin) in London, Ontario.

To get the ball rolling, in January, I began a daily correspondence project titled, Alone, together. To make sure the ball had somewhere to roll, this winter I applied to and was recently awarded, a two-week artist residency at Great Island Arts in Nova Scotia (June 22-July 5), and acceptance into the foundation year art program at Yukon School of Visual Arts (starting Sept.5, 2019).

During my residency I will be editing and drawing (working on two book ideas), while documenting my experience through ‘Alone, together’. My experience at Yukon SOVA will also be documented through ‘Alone, together’, and will be something entirely new –

Great Island Arts asks non-indigenous artists to critically engage with their presence on the land – unceded Mi’kmaq territory; Yukon SOVA requires students to understand the history, culture, and journey towards self-determination of the Yukon First Nations (Tr’ondek Hwech’in community).

To make it to these places – to actually be able to show up and receive this education, I am in need of some help from magical and generous folk just like you.

If you are willing and able, please join Alone, together, donate to me directly via paypal and e-transfer (, or contact me personally to purchase art work.

I created this Kijiji Ad for one special, magical patron – someone(s) with access to a safe and spacious vehicle for me; a vehicle I can use to drive myself to both of these places. It’s my most generous and magical ask, and also the one with the most potential to provide me with a sense of autonomy during this challenging and adventurous time.

I’ll be writing letters, playing with paper, and checking my email for the rest of the day.


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Allyson Proulx

Allyson Proulx is a writer, artist, and speaker. Playing Paper is the name of her social enterprise that offers abolitionist workshops, and note passing services.

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