Short Letters


‘I would have written you a shorter letter, but I did not have the time’ – Pascal 1656

I found this quote a long time ago. When I write someone a letter, I write pages and pages, wanting to get all the details of my life onto that page so they can feel what it’s like to be me; where I am, what I am doing, what the air feels like around me. But what if all we had was one page? What if we took the time to boil it all down to just a few words? How would we express ourselves and our relationship to this person and all their friendship means to us, in just a few words? I have decided to take the time. I have been writing Short Letters, based on this idea. Painting each line, I give myself the space to write only the most minimum of words. In preparation, I write pages and pages. Trusting that the four or five words I need will find their way out of the multitude.


Each one has a specific person in mind. I visualize the words on the paper as I paint each line. I visualize this person reading the words as I stencil each of their letters in. I have notebooks full of these ‘short letters’, further editing my words, so only those that continually ring true make it onto the final product. One letter requires a lot of time. Time to think, time to feel, time to know.



The Shoebox

I am creating my own space, called, The Shoebox.

It is time.

The Shoebox will be a place where you can come to write, and reconnect. It will be a place where you can interact with me as an artist, and experience the magic of  a ‘smudge note’.

This space will allow for thinking and feeling at a snail’s pace, the cadence of consideration.

The Shoebox will travel with me as I take to music festivals and Ontario towns this summer. It will be the home I carry with me, and invite you to enter.

For the next three Saturday mornings (Dec. 5, 12, 19, 9am-12noon), 207 King St. (in London, Ontario) will play host to this space.

I look forward to growing and developing The Shoebox in the weeks and months ahead, and I am glad you will be here to share this journey with me

The Shoebox operates through donation, to begin. I trust I will be taken care of.