Lefty Smudges is on a crusade, of love.

It’s that time of year again – time to send out a whole lot of love.

valentine poster 3

Lefty Smudges Valentine Project 2016, has her teamed up with textile artist, Paulina Szczesny (psletsdye.com) to create a card that is as textured and beautiful, as the love we believe in. This year’s project involves three love letter writing workshops, teaming ‘Smudge’ up with two more amazing artists – Denice Baker and Misha Bower – providing workshop attendees with stories of love to inspire the pen.

By purchasing the card, or attending one of the workshops, you are committing an act of love; You are participating in a crusade of love. Your participation in this project, will directly impact the amount of love mailed through the postal system, expanding across sea and land, landing in the hands of our loved ones, and positively infecting the world. Will you join me?

To purchase a Valentine, visit my Etsy shop:

To register for a workshop, visit the Eventbrite listings:


Attic Books event


Attic Books event 2


brown&dickson event











‘What the world needs now is love, sweet love. It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of.’


It’s a baby (card)!!!!

I am working on getting some cards up on the Etsy site, and I decided to start with this one. This baby card is one of my most asked for, and here is what my most faithful customer has to say about it:

“Lefty Smudges is my go-to for the most beautiful, unique cards for newborns – their very own first piece of mail – what could be a more memorable way to say, ‘Baby, I’m glad you were born!’
Thanks again for such an awesome job on all the cards, Lefty Smudges!”

I’d love to send a card to a new baby in your life too. Click on the link below, or the ‘order cards’ link above. Come back to my Etsy site often, and see what other cards appear in the days ahead!

Thanks, Pals!

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